There images sit on top of each other and stay stationary during the scroll. The scroll does not move the images, instead it changes the opacity of the images according to their screen position. The top one is a static transparent image that holds the Call To Action. The other two, “before” and “after” sit under it. By the time the content is scrolled half-way up (the ad is at the middle of the screen), the “before” becomes completely transparent and shows the “after” that sits under it. Great to demonstrate two interchangeable states – before/after restoration, transformation, with/without product, etc.


Transparent png containing the call to action, and stays stationary while scrolling. Top layer in layer ordering.

Final state or result of transformation. Fades in as the user scrolls down.

Initialstate or beginning of transformation. Fades out as the user scrolls down.

A fallback for older devices (below iOS8 or android 4.3) that do not support Cronus.