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More content, same space, less noise

The Cronus platform produces animated interactive content (mobile parallax) by combining several static images and moving them with the user’s scroll, hence displaying significantly more information than regular static ads. The unique display captures viewer’s attention non-intrusively, while inherently eliminating banner-blindness. All this, without changing the traditional allocated ad space on the publisher‘s website!

Built-in engagement

The most powerful feature of Cronus ads is evoking the primal human hand-eye connection that exists in us all. Ads animation plays and stops in full sync with the viewer’s scroll on the mobile device.

No effort, no special skills required

Only simple actions like upload, copy and paste, are needed to create and embed Cronus ads. Same look & feel is maintained cross platform and on all mobile devices.

Tapping into a new world of creativity

Cronus opens up a fresh limitless creative world for bloggers, designers, advertisers and publishers. Innovative content design, storytelling & gamification are just some of the advanced capabilities that we introduce to the market.

Analysis based on real interactions

The platform collects and analyzes data that yields insights crucial for marketers and publishers alike. These include actual time viewers interact with the ad, their gestures’ speeds and multiple interaction points.

Bigger buck for the advertising budget

Rich media and video ads perform much better than static ones, but they also carry much higher creation and serving costs. The ease of use and automated animation of the Cronus platform drives creation cost of this type of content to zero – something no other available product offers.

And most important:it's also really easy to achieve.

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The Team

Shahar Naor

Previously co-owner, UX/UI designer and developer at Kapara Design Studio since 2005.
Shahar holds a B.Sc. in Biology & Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.

Hadas Drachli

Co-owner, project manager, marketer, visionary and people person at Kapara Design Studio since 2005.
Hadas holds BA in General Arts and MA in Administrative Science, both from Fairlghy Dickenson University, New Jersey.

Alon Lavi

Co-founder and CTO at Latto TV since 2006.
Alon holds a B.Sc. from the IDC school of computing and has over 15 years experience in internet based solutions.