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Who is Cronus? What is Cronus Media?

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By the Cronus team

CRONUS – Cronus /ˈkroʊnəs/ (Greek: Κρόνος [krónos]) was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans in Greek mythology, the divine descendants of Uranus, the sky and Gaia, the earth. Father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Usually depicted with a Harpe, Scythe or a Sickle.

Cronus is a new (patent pending) technology for delivering and analysing content on touch screens.

While worldwide digital ad expenses increase, click through rates (CTR) decrease rapidly. We’re witnessing an “arms race” in finding the next technology that will answer the advertisers’ need. Due to lack of tools, the smartphone does not allow the same creative space the desktop had with tools such as Adobe Flash, that enabled animations and interactions. Most of the effort goes into video and rich media ads, that are much more effective than the standard static ones, despite them being much more expensive. Because of the excessive use in intrusive ad technologies to solve the advertisers’ need, potential clients have developed a strong resentment to anything “ad-like”, that disturb their web experience or even completely halt it for several seconds (like interstitials). Hence the rise of the ad-blockers, banner blindness, and the lost battle of advertisers and users.

Our first step is using the technology to create never seen before ads and content recommendations.

Here's an example:

Cronus goal is creating effective ads and content recommendations that do not disturb the user, but instead enhance their experience. A great creative experience, that convey a lot of information and marketing “hooks”, without taking over the user’s screen or disturbing their web experience, animation that the user themselves create while scrolling a web page, gamification – all those will help get not only better CTR, but also better conversion.

The user is the one animating the ads. When they stop scrolling, it stops moving. This creates a strong eye-hand connection that cannot be ignored The solution also allows us to display a new KPI – Cost Per Duration. We can help marketers know not only if an ad was displayed, but also for how long it was displayed, where exactly did the user click, and even their average scroll speed (all unique to Cronus).

There are many small players in the rich media & video ad world. Our benefits in comparison:

  • The user does not have to do anything special to watch the ad, the engagement is built into them
  • Cronus ads are completely non intrusive. They do not take over the screen or disturb the regular use of the website
  • The content itself is interactive, not just its opening or closing
  • Cronus makes use of the same allocated ad space publisher use today
  • The cost of a Cronus ad is negligible compared to other rich media or video ads