How to use the

Cronus templates

Animate in 3 simple steps


Set your project settings

Campaign name, link, and whether it runs on mobile, desktop or both


Select your template

Choose one of the animation templates we’ve prepared for you. Each template can receive png, jpg or gif files.


Upload and get your tag

Upload graphical assets, preview, re-order, and when you’re pleased with the result – get your tag. Tags are ready to be implemented in any CMS or stand alone html

Mobile ANimated Content

Mobile content animation with Cronus

We’ve prepared a variety of mobile content animations for you, and constantly working on more. Each animation template has its own dedicated page on the website, with details and a downloadable PSD to start you up.

Once you log in and create a new project, all the available templates can be previewed. After you select the preview you like, you have a detailed guide of the graphical assets needed on the sidebar. In-depth details are available on each template’s dedicated page.

If you’re an experienced user, you’ll soon be able to create your own animation templates: add more layers, change movement directions and speeds, and hook up css properties to your viewer’s scrolling motion.

Start embedding your Cronus enhanced mobile content animation today

Cronus is aimed at mobile content animation, using the strong hand-eye connection it creates to grab the viewer’s attention without being intrusive. But rest assured it works in desktops as well, applying the same principles.

All the templates:

Before After template

Before After

Before After Sliding template

Before After Sliding

Half and Half template

Half and Half

Fade and Slide template

Fade and Slide

ade and Slide with BG template

Fade and Slide with BG

Single template


Single Reverse template

Single Reverse

Single Fixed template

Single Fixed

Single Fixed Reverse template

Single Fixed Reverse

Speeds template


Speeds Reverse template

Speeds Reverse

Speeds BG template

Speeds BG

Speeds BG Reverse

Speeds BG Reverse