Mobile animation via scrolling

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Scroll to animate

Before After
Before After Sliding
Half and Half
Fade and Slide X3
Fade and Slide with BG
Single Reverse
Single Fixed
Single Fixed Reverse
Speeds Reverse
Speeds BG
Single Fixed Reverse

Scrollable mobile content

Animation linked to page scrolling

Convert like a Titan - gain double-digits increases to your CTR and Conversion in just 3 simple steps

Animated mobile content

More content, same space, less noise and no intrusion

Delivering and analyzing rich media content on touch screens.

Create a fun, unique experience for your users. Use the primal hand-eye connection that exists in all of us to create engaging content that your audience wants to click

Animating static images by user's scroll
Automated platform to produce standard industry Ad Tags
Cross platform animated solution
Built in scalability

About Cronus Media

Cronus allows even amateur users to generate animated mobile content in 3 simple steps, delivering double-digits increases of CTR and content exposure time.

Up until now, smartphones had limited creative space compared to the animations and interactions tools like Adobe Flash enabled on desktop. With Cronus, the user’s scroll is connected to the content animation, bringing limitless creative options and high content performance to mobile.

Most advertisers take such an aggressive approach, that they create new problems – for themselves, for other advertisers, for publishers that rely on advertising, and especially – for the viewers, their audience. Excessive use in intrusive ad technologies created a strong resentment to anything “ad-like”, that disturbs the user’s web experience or even completely halt it for several seconds (like interstitials). Hence the rise of the ad-blockers, banner blindness, and the lost battle of advertisers and users.

Cronus aims to fix that.

We introduce effective animated mobile content – be that ads, content recommendations or any other animated mobile content – that enhance the viewer’s experience instead of disrupt it. A great creative experience, that convey a lot of information and marketing “hooks”, without taking over the user’s screen or disturbing their web experience, animation that the users themselves create while scrolling a web page, gamification – all those help to get not only better CTR, but also better conversions.

CRONUS – Cronus /ˈkroʊnəs/ (Greek: Κρόνος [krónos]) was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans in Greek mythology, the divine descendants of Uranus, the sky and Gaia, the earth. Father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Usually depicted with a Harpe, Scythe or a Sickle.

CR: Convertion Rate
ONUS: duty, responsibility, obligation