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The simplest form of using Cronus – a single long image that moves faster than the rest of the page, in the same scrolling direction as the page. This template allows the presentation of almost 5 times more information in the same allocated space of 300X250 pixels.



A long graphical asset containing all the messages the content should convey.


A fallback for older devices (below iOS8 or android 4.3) that do not support Cronus.

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Before After

Before After Sliding template

Before After Sliding

Half and Half template

Half and Half

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Fade and Slide

ade and Slide with BG template

Fade and Slide with BG

Single template


Single Reverse template

Single Reverse

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Single Fixed

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Single Fixed Reverse

Speeds template


Speeds Reverse template

Speeds Reverse

Speeds BG template

Speeds BG

Speeds BG Reverse

Speeds BG Reverse